Etali Wildlife Gallery

The Etali Wildlife Gallery is designed to give guests an idea of the diversity of species that the Madikwe Game Reserve is famous for. Below are galleries related to safari mammal sightings, Madikwe birdlife, the Etali waterhole, and, reptiles and arthropods of Madikwe.


With more than 60 species of large mammals to admire, the Madikwe Game Reserve is a safari lover's dream. Guests can expect to see big game up close as they go about their natural behaviour.


With more than 300 species of bird in the Madikwe Game Reserve, "twitchers" are most definitely welcome at Etali Safari Lodge. Whether you are looking to add a few species to your lifer list, or simply coming to enjoy to colour and song, we look forward to hosting you!

The Etali Waterhole

The presence of our waterhole makes Etali a centre of activity with leopards, elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo and many other stopping by frequently. It really is the perfect spot for an armchair safari!

Reptiles and Arthropods

The Madikwe Game Reserve contains a rich and abundant eco system both big and small. Guests are often astounded at the variety of life and colour available once you look beyond the expected.